Nerds Eye View Podcasts

Sunday 27th of August 2017
Voice actor and "Speak EZ" host Alan Mendez joins me in discussing various conspiracy theories and cover-ups.
Sunday 6th of August 2017
I am joined once again by my wife Jamie as we conclude our discussion on D&D player classes and character concepts.
Have you ever wondered what would happen if the DC Comics power rings made their way into the Marvel Comics universe? I'm joined this week by Josh Nivens as we discussed this very thing period a really interesting episode full of comic book theories and laughs.
My wife Jaime joins me as we discuss the various player classes in Dungeons & Dragons and give character concepts that we have created through our years of gaming.
Sunday 30th of July 2017
In kind of a throwback Style to my first few shows, I present a show solely based on my opinions on comics. I'll talk about some of my favorite characters and titles.
Monday 17th of July 2017
Voice actor Steve Farmer joins me again as we discuss our reactions to the latest film featuring the Marvel superhero Spider-Man. We also discuss how this one Stacks up against the previous films.
Monday 10th of July 2017
Mega nerd Heath Pryor joins me as we discussed everything we like and admire how about filmmaker actor Kevin Smith
Monday 3rd of July 2017
With a new Planet of the Apes movie coming out I'm joined by George Jones as we discuss everything about this popular film franchise
Monday 19th of June 2017
I do a reaction to the film Wonder Woman and discuss girls kicking ass in movies books and TV. Guests this week are Dana Tigert and Shirlee McKay
Monday 12th of June 2017
Cosplayers and super nerds Bill Necessary and Jason McKay join me as we have an in-depth discussion on all things DC Comics. Part 1 of 2
Sunday 11th of June 2017
Cosplayers and super nerds Bill Necessary and Jason McKay join me as we have an in-depth discussion on all things DC Comics. Part 2 of 2
Monday 5th of June 2017
Amazing cosplayer Wil D'Alien shows up to breakdown and review the hit film Alien Covenant.
Sunday 28th of May 2017
Alexis Jones (Young Minds Society) stops by to discuss the popular television show American Horror Story.
Sunday 7th of May 2017
Awesome new show tonight. I'm joined once again bye my beautiful wife Jaime Nivens as we give our reaction two Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2. In addition we also discuss great movie soundtracks. Lots of fun and great music.
My wife Jaime joins me as we discuss house rules and variants we've used or encountered in Dungeons & Dragons. A great debate buy two very experienced dungeon masters!
Sunday 30th of April 2017
Jason McKay and Jonathan Vetsch join me as we discuss the three popular animated families. A really fun and lively talk!
Jason and Shirlee McKay and Jonathan Vetsch are on hand to discuss the many different styles of running a RPG adventure.
Sunday 23rd of April 2017
The amazing and awesome Dana Tigert joins me as I rank the Star Wars films from 8 to 1.
Sunday 16th of April 2017
Jason McKay (Time Chronicles and the Cosplay group Shrakakoom) joins me as we discussed writing scripts and producing a podcast. A very interesting peek behind the scenes
Sunday 9th of April 2017
Steve "Raziel"Davis ('Mind of the Monster') joins me again this week for as he tells us all about the recent Fan Expo Comicon in Dallas, TX.
Saturday 25th of March 2017
Ross Ellis (Paranoria Tx) joins me as we discuss the film Logan and we have a tribute to the late Bill Paxton
Sunday 19th of March 2017
Josh Pikakitten Nivens (Young Mind's Society) joins me in a discussion of some of our favorite and least favorite all-time television shows based on comic book characters.
Sunday 12th of March 2017
Cosplayer and "Alien" films expert Wilhelm Deinbeck joins me to talk about one of my favorite film franchises of all time. He tells us some of his theories about the legendary films as well as some of his experiences cosplaying the alien.
Sunday 5th of March 2017
Lee Shults joins me as I list my 5 favorite and 5 least favorite Disney animated movies. Lots of fun and laughs!
Sunday 26th of February 2017
My guests and I talk about all of our favorite action movies.
Monday 20th of February 2017
Deacon bill necessary and I have an awesome talk about Star Trek new and old.
Sunday 12th of February 2017
I am joined by Cosplay sensation and legend in his own mind Deacon Bill Necessary as we discuss the men who have played the Man of Steel as well as the ladies who have played Lois Lane.
Saturday 4th of February 2017
Author Sara McCaslin joins me in a discussion of this terrifying subject matter.
Sunday 29th of January 2017
Steve Farmer joins me as we talk about the actors that have played Batman as well as the actors that have played The Punisher. A great discussion on two comic book favorites.
Sunday 22nd of January 2017
Hollie Harper, and Jason and Shirlee McKay from the awesome cosplay group Shrakakoom join me for a discussion on the films Rogue one and Fantastic Beast.
Saturday 14th of January 2017
Jeremy Nagle and Holly Harper join me in a discussion about great movie villains. All sorts of genres are talked about in this fun episode.
Saturday 7th of January 2017
Bob Mauldin (Expedition Texas, Halloween Harvey, The Bob Show) joins me to discuss B movies, and great music. An awesome trip down memory lane!
Sunday 18th of December 2016
Raz and Marie, the creative Geniuses behind the hit show " Mind of the Monster" join me as we discussed Our Favorite Christmas Memories food songs movies and television shows
Sunday 11th of December 2016
George Jones (Paranoria Tx & A Walk in Shadows) and I take a walk down memory lane as we discussed the decade of excess from the point of view of the me generation...the 1980s!
Sunday 27th of November 2016
Internationally known cosplayer Bill Necessary joins me to talk about the 1966 classic television show Batman. We talked about the comics that it inspired as well as the new animated feature.
Saturday 5th of November 2016
Bradley Collins joins me to talk about the sci-fi favorite "Firefly"
Sunday 23rd of October 2016
Shirlee and Jason McKay stop by to discuss the hit Netflix show Stranger Things.
Sunday 9th of October 2016
I have a Roundtable discussion on General nerdiness and geekiness with most of the cast of the hit show Paranoria Tx.
Sunday 2nd of October 2016
George Jones and Jeremy Nagle join me as we discussed the spring summer of 2016, what we've enjoyed so far, as well as what we're looking forward to at the end of the year. We also get into a discussion of how to introduce nerd geek culture to your little ones.
Monday 26th of September 2016
In this very special episode Poison Faulkner joins me to discuss girl power... strong independent female characters in the world of comics, movies, and TV shows.
Monday 19th of September 2016
Brian Stewardo (Fangoria Magazine) joins me in a discussion of some of the best cheesy horror movies of all time. We also discuss great music as well as what happens behind the scenes when making a movie.
Monday 12th of September 2016
A list of every Star Trek movie from 13 to 1 as George Jones joins me this week to debate my choices. I also give my reaction to the latest entry into the Star Trek universe the film Star Trek Beyond.
Monday 22nd of August 2016
This week I am joined by Josh Pikakitten Nivens (Young Mind's Society) and Jaime Nivens (Tuesday Thompkins from "Paranoria, TX") as I list out my top 10 all-time favorite television shows.
Monday 15th of August 2016
On the show we discuss the latest offering in the popular Dungeons & Dragons role-playing games. I am joined by Matt McBride (Perry Buckner "Paranoria Tx") as he tells us all about this fascinating new edition.
Sunday 7th of August 2016
Hollie Harper of Paranoria Tx fame joints me to discuss Harry Potter. We discuss the books the movies as well as the new play and new book.
Monday 1st of August 2016
DJ Y of young minds Society joins me to talk about the hottest new downloadable game Pokemon Go.
Monday 18th of July 2016
Poison Faulkner Bill necessary and Jason and Shirley McKay join me to talk about Cosplay comicons and action figures
Monday 11th of July 2016
George Jones from Paranoria Tx and A Walk in Shadows joins me as we talked about some of the greatest board games ever made.
Friday 1st of July 2016
Jeremy Nagle and Hollie Harper join me as we talk about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. We discuss their various incarnations and some of our favorite moments.
Monday 27th of June 2016
Josh Nivens joints me as we talked about his top 10 list of worst superheroes ever.
Monday 20th of June 2016
Local musicians Thorn and David Matti join me as we discuss Star Trek versus Star Wars.
Thursday 9th of June 2016
Jeff Hurley (Paranoria Tx) joins me for a talk on everybody's favorite spy: James Bond.
Monday 6th of June 2016
Jeremy Nagle, Hollie Harper, and regular show listener Jim Amos join me in a discussion of the latest offering from the MCU.
Sunday 29th of May 2016
Jordan Eckeberger and Jennyfer Keohane join me in discussing zombies. Movies, comics, tv shows, are all on the table.
Tuesday 24th of May 2016
This episode we explore time travel in popular nerd geek movies TV shows video games and comics.
Sunday 15th of May 2016
Jaime Nivens joins me as we discussed monster and snack pairings for every game. An amusing look at Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder
Monday 9th of May 2016
Dave Seigler of Ground Zero comics joins me and fan favorite Jaime Nivens to discuss hits and misses in the world of comic book movie adaptations.
Monday 25th of April 2016
We discussed Batman vs. Superman dawn of Justice and then get into a great discussion on the role playing game Pathfinder.
Monday 18th of April 2016
Fan favorite George Jones joins me in a spirited discussion on the greatest comic book story arcs ever written.
Monday 11th of April 2016
Up-and-coming voice actor Joshua Passmore stops by for a fun and interesting interview.
Monday 28th of March 2016
Josh Nivens (PikaKitten from "Young Mind's Society") guest cohosts and tells us about his favorites and least favorites in the world of anime.
Monday 21st of March 2016
I react to the Deadpool movie and talk all things Pokemon.
Monday 14th of March 2016
Famous psychic Maria Santos and ghost hunter Jordan Eckeberger join the show to tell us all about ghosts, ghost hunting, and all manner of Paranormal phenomenon.
Monday 7th of March 2016
Bob Wade of the Tyler S.C.A. tells us all about this amazing organization.
Monday 29th of February 2016
George Jones stops by again and this time we discuss classic movie monsters such as vampires werewolves and the like.
Monday 22nd of February 2016
Mike and Liz Stewart (podcast "Save or Die") stop by to discuss old school RPG gaming.
Monday 15th of February 2016
Jeremy Nagle (Paranoria, TX and The Back Room) and Paul Budd (Paranoria, TX and Sgt Mambos Apple Tree of Weirdness) stop by to give their reaction to Star Wars The Force awakens and other things.
Monday 8th of February 2016
I interview Steve Farmer (The Bob Show, Paranoria, TX and Owner of Rocket Fizz) and Hollie Harper (Tammy from Paranoria, TX) and we talk about our favorite toys from childhood.
Monday 1st of February 2016
George Jones and Joe Palmer join the discussion on our favorite cartoons and kids shows.
Monday 25th of January 2016
I rank all the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies from 12 to 1. George Jones ("Paranoria, TX", "A Walk in Shadows" also joins the debate.
Monday 18th of January 2016
Knightmage, Deacon Bill Necessary, and Poison Faulkner stop by to discuss Cosplay, comics, comicons, movies, ect.
Monday 11th of January 2016
Jaime Nivens (Tuesday Thompkins "Paranoria, TX" and Supervisor at the American Heart Association) stops by to discuss role playing games. Jaime gives me her unique perspective on gamers, the various editions of Dungeons and Dragons, and her experiences as a Dungeon Master.
Monday 4th of January 2016
I'm joined in studio by the always entertaining Lee Shults (Maxine from "Paranoria, TX", President of the Edom Civic Theatre, Edom City Council) as she tells us about a really cool series of books featuring everyone's favourite creatures of the night: vampires! My wife Jaime Nivens also stops by and both ladies explain to me why women love vampires.
Monday 28th of December 2015
This week's special guest co-host is Charles Parkes (Chance Parker from Paranoria, TX) and he is an expert on all things Star Trek. We go over my top 5 lists of first officers and captains.
Friday 18th of December 2015
Special guest co-host George Jones (Jericho from "Paranoria, TX") stops by to discuss reactions to the new trailer for Star Trek Beyond. Also, we rank (and disagree on!) the Star Trek helmsmen, doctors, and engineers.
Thursday 10th of December 2015
It's just a few days before Star Wars: The Force Awakes is released so I am talking all things Star Wars. Join me as I discuss the prequels, Star Wars vs Star Trek, and more!
Monday 7th of December 2015
In this introductory episode, we get to meet the host and learn a little bit about how he views life and all the wonderful nerdy things in it. He makes his opinions clear and asks for feedback. Let's get the party started and see who loves it and who ends up butt hurt!