Paranoria TX Podcasts

Friday 30th of June 2017
There were a few events that happened before the success of "operation world domination"...and a few of those things are very important for you to know before we resume our cataclysmic climax! This story happens just before Ernest agrees to help with Jericho's mad scheme. And love is on the line...
Saturday 10th of June 2017
Hungry for more adventures from the Jericho Gang while waiting for that last cliff hanger is resolved? Check out our first mini-episode, Date Night, where Jonah and Tammy try their hardest to spend some quality time together. Unfortunately for the two them, the rest of the gang don’t quite have the same idea. Plus, Camilla is invited to join in for some overnight “group activities”. This episode takes place immediately after the events from the Elseworld story arc.
Sunday 21st of May 2017
You won't believe it! The gang might actually achieve their original ultimate goal...maybe. And a wedding and a birth are coming to Paranoria!
Sunday 14th of May 2017
It's been entirely too quiet in Paranoria since all the time hopping stopped. But don't worry...Jericho is about to stir things up in this life changing episode!
Saturday 6th of May 2017
In the conclusion to the "Elseworlds" Trilogy our pal Jonah must make some of the hardest decisions of his life. The battle is on and no one will walk away unscathed. W/Guests Jeff Cavazos, Jaime Nivens, Heath Prior
Monday 1st of May 2017
Our Jonah Rex gets whisked into a crazy parallel world where nothing is right and danger looms like a bad hangover! Death may come at the hands of his best friend unless he can find a way to make it out of this debacle!
Saturday 15th of April 2017
An alternate Jonah from a crazy world brings his craziness to Paranoria...and boy do the shennanigans really get rolling!
Sunday 9th of April 2017
In case you were wondering what had been going on in Paranoria while most of our goofy gang was trapped on the island paradise in the middle of is the answer. And trust was not all boring! This episode features an original song performed by Shirlee McKay titled "Camilla's Song - Death of the Fey" and it's pretty awesome!
Sunday 26th of March 2017
In the final chapter of the Island series, Ernest learns what it means to find true love...Jericho stumbles upon a mystery from 1943...and the pirate slave girl, Sophia, faces a decision that will affect her destiny for all time. Featuring the guest voices of Richard York, Jacob Hays, and Tiana Ballard
Sunday 19th of March 2017
The strange island welcomes new visitors and with these new additions, comes distrust, defiance,
Sunday 12th of March 2017
Jacob devises a plan to find out once and for all if Cora is pregnant with his child even as he heads into interdimensional space to save Jonah and Ernest. Meanwhile, those two lost lads have ended up in a mystical place outside of reality where they are soon joined by some interesting characters and a friend.
Sunday 5th of March 2017
In this exciting chapter, the showdown with Perry Buckner comes to a head, two of the gang get lost in time and space, and a new adventure begins! It's non stop fantasy fun! With guest voice actors...Ron Ellis, Rosa Ramirez, and Jacob Hays!
Sunday 26th of February 2017
The mystery deepens surrounding this fellow who literally fell from the sky. He's from the future and things are not good. And even though a plan is formed, things don't seem to be going in the direction of success. Ernest Nettleton may have caused more problems than he solved!
Sunday 19th of February 2017
The day starts off fairly normal for the gang in Paranoria until a man literally falls from the sky. Who is he? Where did he come from? It looks as if an adventure is brewing...and to top it off, Jonah Rex has to get through his opening night of his new comedy club as well! It's going to be very interesting!
Sunday 12th of February 2017
It's a very special night as it marks the debut of our 100th episode! Tune in to hear "The People's Choice" when the cast of Paranoria play themselves in a very silly and fun turn of events that only they could get up to! With guest stars Kit Scott, and Michael Stephens! Thank you all for your continued support and love! We're the little show that could but we never would have lasted without you!
Sunday 5th of February 2017
In this hilarious action packed episode we find out exactly what the mysterious child spirit is up to and the battle is on! Guest starring Layna Leos, Jason McKay, Marie Davis, Jim Amos Jr., and Karena Love.
Sunday 29th of January 2017
A dusty old book hidden in the Paranoria library leads to trouble in a way that no one expects!
Sunday 22nd of January 2017
The winds of change are bringing many new factors into the lives of our heroes. Jacob McFarmington is having a hard time adjusting to these changes and none of the others are making it very easy for him. Camilla is learning the strange ways of humans and sometimes she even gets it right.
Saturday 7th of January 2017
Things have changed a great deal in Paranoria since the end of the last episode. It's time to find out what is left since the dust settled and how the group carries on. Be prepared for some surprises!
Sunday 1st of January 2017
As the catastrophic end of the "Resurrection" story arc comes, so do many answers and new questions. It's a very real life and death struggle in an epic clash of good and evil. Not everyone is left standing and those who are face a very different world.
Sunday 25th of December 2016
With the shock of the revelations of last episode still fresh in our gang's minds, their world gets rocked again even as they race against time to find a way to stop evil from winning the day. The lives of all involved will never be the same.
Friday 16th of December 2016
In one of the most shocking moments ever to occur in Paranoria, Perry learns an horrible truth, and Esa faces her own inner demons. Cora the Witch and jacob the firestarter are moving towards their end game, while Elias, Jessie, Tammy, Jonah and Jericho try to find a way out!
Saturday 10th of December 2016
Jacob the fire master and Cora the witch have begun their attempt at total world domination and have captured most of our Paranoria friends by turning their powers against them. Jericho and Esa are blissfully unaware of the happenings as they try to put things right with themselves, and Ergoth, king of the Fay begins his journey of redemption! It's a great build on last week's episode and continues what will be a major story arc! Lives will be changed!
Sunday 4th of December 2016
In this first part of a daring new story arc, an old foe is resurrected and a new challenge of life and death proportions faces our friends in Paranoria. This is the beginning of a tale that is sure to leave scars in its wake! With guests Rosa Ramirez, Steve Farmer, Shirlee McKay, Jason McKay and Bill Necessary.
Sunday 27th of November 2016
Jonah's comedy club is in the construction stages and the gang has rallied together to help with opening night. These are some of the most interesting rehearsal skits you are ever likely to hear!
Saturday 19th of November 2016
Our fearless story teller and watcher friend, BB Gunn, is bored. But how can he find a way to shirk his duties and still make sure he doesn't miss anything? Well, let's just say he gets creative with very funny results!
Sunday 13th of November 2016
What happens when the gang decides to throw a birthday party for Jonah? Well, let's just say it doesn't quite go as planned...
Sunday 6th of November 2016
It's a simple thing really...just a little pest control issue...but then...nothing is simple with our gang!
Sunday 23rd of October 2016
In the conclusion to the Kar-Thul saga...we are joined by Diane Goldner and Clu Gulager as the demonic vampire hordes begin to take over Paranoria...beginning with the eradication of our gang of misfits! John Gulager also returns in this action packed episode!
Sunday 16th of October 2016
All seems quiet and peaceful at Jericho's place where he and Jessie are having a horror movie marathon...until the director of his favorite scary flick shows up on his doorstep in a wide eyed panic! Something is terribly wrong!
Saturday 24th of September 2016
The watcher of our sector of the universe has a problem...his world viewer is on the fritz! Try as he might, he just can't get it to work properly! All we can say is...we apologize deeply and sincerely for what you are about to hear. Hee heee!
Monday 19th of September 2016
It's time for the final episode of the "When a Mind Revolts" story arc!! Tonight's show is titled "Big, Bam, Boom" and it features the voice acting talent of Chris Abraham as "Oliver Phillips" the cyborg! Tune in and hear the big battle and find out what happens to this madman and our heroes in this exciting conclusion!
Monday 12th of September 2016
In tonight's episode, we find out just what the heck happened to the cyborg, Oliver Phillips, what made him this way, and what motivates him! Death looms on the horizon as a mind unravels "When a Mind Revolts - Part 3 - The Unraveling" featuring guests Chris Abraham, Elliot Berard, & Destynnie Hall!!
Monday 5th of September 2016
Tammy Rex has been kidnapped and the gang are in hot pursuit...but time is a factor and it's running out! The mysterious Mr. Smith reveals that he is more than he appears to be and tragedy strikes in this high stakes game of cat and mouse!
Monday 29th of August 2016
This episode begins a new chapter in the lives of our favorite gang of misfits! It's called "When a Mind Revolts Part 1" and features guest voice actors James Brandon, Richard Ramsey, and Chris Abraham. It seems Jericho is having strange visions and black out Esa is packing to leave for good. Tune in to find out how things work out...and get ready for a surprise ending!
Monday 22nd of August 2016
Well here we are at part to in the "epic in his own mind" Jonah Rex Origin Story. This time we get all caught up to the present and see a bit of the future. It's funny and poignant, witty and clever, and full of the self aggrandizing narcissism you expect from Eric Nivens, the host of Nerds Eye View. LOL!
Monday 15th of August 2016
Well folks, that narcissistic author and Nerd's Eye View show host finally took the time out of his busy schedule to write an origin story for his Paranoria character...Jonah Rex. We find out in an interesting way that everything is connected and fate has had a hand in more than we ever knew. Leave it up to Eric Nivens to write his own epic! LOL! With guests, Rosa Ramirez, Jeremy Nagle, Jaime Nivens, Josh Nivens, Wayne Harper
Sunday 7th of August 2016
In the second half of "Off to the Races" it's do or die time for Perry to save the horse "Laughing Boy" and for the horse to save the day! With comedic guest stars Lee Shults & Jeremy Nagle. Join in the fun and hilarious antics!
Sunday 31st of July 2016
In a break from the normal world saving exploits of our gang, we find them dealing with an almost mundane issue... It seems Jonah has bought a race horse and this fact has them all running in every direction for various reasons. And of course, there is comedy in the mix! cb7xj93z
Tuesday 26th of July 2016
This is the second part of the two part special episode titled "Perchance to Dream" in which an evil version of the sandman knocks out the entire town of Paranoria and begins feeding on their dreams while replacing the good ones with nightmares! Tammy, Esa, and Maxine get drawn into the nightmare realm inside Jericho's mind to have the final duel with this dark entity! It's one heck of a ride! With guest voice actors: Lee Shults, Stacey Faulkner, and Marie Davis! Spread the word!
Monday 18th of July 2016
It's an all girl adventure when a sinister new force shows up in Paranoria with links to Esa's past! And of course, Jericho's mom, Maxine, shows up to crash the party!
Monday 11th of July 2016
This is a very different show than what you have heard before. It's an origin story...Perry's origin story...entirely told and created by the actor that voices him (Matt McBride) and comes with a sincere personal message at the end. What can we say? Join Perry on his roller coaster ride through life! You'll'll'll need to potty right afterward!
Monday 4th of July 2016
The surprising conclusion to this two part episode is bound to leave you wondering what will happen next! As Perry is forced to deal with some issues from the past, everyone races against time to stop an evil beast from being unleashed!
Wednesday 22nd of June 2016
In our day and times, you wouldn't be surprised to hear a tale of a crooked politician, would you? Maybe not, but what Jericho and the gang go up against is far more than the political ramblings they see in the beginning. Holy hell is about to be unleashed! With guest actors, Josh Nivens, and Thorn.
Monday 11th of April 2016
This is the final episode of the "Extinction" story arc and also marks the end of our season. The Fay, the augmented humans, and a watcher do what seems inconceivable...and in the process there is an awakening.
Monday 4th of April 2016
In part three of the "Extinction" story arc, the mystery of the strange cat and dog is revealed in an epic combat! And when the smoke clears, a new wrinkle in the plan may change everything! With guest stars Shirlee McKay, Jason McKay, and Rachel Joseph.
Monday 28th of March 2016
In the second part of the "Extinction" story arc, Jericho tries to carry on in the wasteland that used to be Earth...while on the other side of the planet, two Russians, dig themselves out of the debris. Their paths soon begin to run towards a head on collision...and the fate of the world is at stake!
Monday 21st of March 2016
This is the beginning of what we think will be a mind blowing ride for the gang in Paranoria! Are you ready for Extinction?!
Monday 14th of March 2016
Voted the funniest episode this year! Don't miss this very different, very amusing peek behind the scenes of utter chaos!
Monday 7th of March 2016
In a departure from the world we know, Watcher BB Gunn takes us to a parallel world where the gang we know is not the same! Take a ride with us on this weird excursion into something entirely different!
Monday 29th of February 2016
Maxine McAgnes comes for another visit to take care of her wounded man, Jessie Arkham, but somehow she gets a little distracted by "Thick" Rick. It's a wild, laugh filled adventure!
Monday 22nd of February 2016
In the second half of "The Space Between Raindrops" we learn more of the events that put the gang where they are and we find out a bit of what is to come and conclude with a hilarious moment you won't see coming! If you have been listening to the bloopers on the last several episodes you will totally get it!
Monday 15th of February 2016
So many things can happen in the blink of an the beat of a the space between raindrops...that can change us forever. Join the people you know and love as they remember what brought them all to the point they are now. It all happens in a flash...
Monday 8th of February 2016
While most things have sort of returned to normal in Paranoria after the big showdown with Lord Pyro...certain mundane problems cause hysterical results and some new discoveries are made! Love, Laughter, and more all in one episode!
Monday 1st of February 2016
In the conclusion to the "Lord Pyro" trilogy all hell breaks loose...literally. What happens when one of their own members becomes their greatest threat? Find out how the Jericho gang handles a phoenix rises from the ashes!
Monday 25th of January 2016
It's really heating up in Paranoria! Lord Pyro has begun to lay down his laws and nobody has the power to stop him! Jericho, Jessie, Esa and Perry are trying desperately to get through the flame wall and stop the madness before someone gets killed! Will they make it?
Monday 18th of January 2016
When last we left Paranoria, Tammy Rex had been shot and was barely clinging to life...and her husband, Jonah Rex had mentally snapped and an insane alter ego had taken over. Thus begins a mess of epic proportion! Let's hope they can figure it all out before it's too late!
Monday 11th of January 2016
There's a slight ramification from the magic that was released at Christmas...and a certain old toy maker (voiced by Vernon Wells of movies and TV) is about to cause some innocent terror! This episode begins a new story arc and is a good jumping on place!
Monday 4th of January 2016
In a departure from the normal episode format, three of our main characters relate stories of past experiences that may or may not be their own. Some answers to a few lingering questions are revealed.
Monday 28th of December 2015
The "ghost" of Chance Parker still seems to be haunting the gang as one last thing he left behind causes havoc. It's a comedy classic and the watcher world may never be the same!
Monday 21st of December 2015
It's the Christmas special with special guests Brad Maule, and Bob Mauldin! The fate of all the world's good cheer hangs in the balance and the Jericho Gang must unite into one formidable force to bring down Krampus or Christmas and all our futures are doomed!
Tuesday 15th of December 2015
Monday 7th of December 2015
It's clean up time in Paranoria! The aftermath of the battle with Cora is fraught with emotions both good and bad that each of our heroes must deal with. How are they affected? And how have they changed? The answers may startle you.
Wednesday 25th of November 2015
The conclusion to the "Season of Change" saga is also our anniversary special and features the guest talents of some amazing people including the voice acting god, Chuck Huber. Everything comes to a cataclysmic climax that will change lots of things you know about our characters and Paranoria. From every ending comes a new beginning...stick around and see how this one blasts off!
Monday 23rd of November 2015
The storm clouds are gathering and a darkness deeper than the night lurks inside! Hawk and Raven Blackwood team up with Cora Blackwood, Jacob McFarmington, and Randy Douglas to bring the Jericho gang to their knees. Not everyone will be left standing and those who are may be changed forever.
Monday 16th of November 2015
Cora the witch makes a preemptive strike that almost destroys them all...and Jericho has a little trouble with a fly.
Monday 9th of November 2015
After following the possessed Chance and Brooklyn though the alien space craft portal, our cast of adventurers ended up in Tyler, TX at the Tyler Rose City Comic Con. Somehow they now have to sort things things out in our world, a place that is strange to them, and find and free their friends before Cora the witch destroys them all.
Monday 2nd of November 2015
It's a funny flashback when Jericho's ex comes to town and hires the gang for a very special mission. What could possibly go wrong?
Monday 19th of October 2015
Things come to a shattering conclusion as the alien beings that have taken control of most of our gang are either ousted or...well...let's just say not everyone gets off scott free! Things change right here right now and the Tyler Rose City Comic Con is to blame!!
Monday 12th of October 2015
In the second chapter of the trilogy that leads to the Tyler Rose City Comic Con, Jericho and crew are hiding in the wine cellar below the Bed and Breakfast, trying to figure out a way to stop the evil that is possessing Chance, Jonah and Tammy...when all hell breaks loose!
Tuesday 6th of October 2015
A new story arc begins that is filled with danger and humor and troubles only our favorite fiends could get themselves into! Super genius, Chance Parker, is taking some time off and relaxing by planting some flowers in the backyard of Jonah & Tamyy's bed and breakfast...but he digs up way more than he bargained for! Start here and follow the trilogy that leads up to the cast's live appearance at the Tyler Rose City Comic Con on Oct 24th!
Monday 28th of September 2015
In the second half of this caper, Jonah's ex, Miss Tuesday, is causing more havoc! She has stolen all the gang's powers and is using them against our pals! It's a crazy ride to a pulse pounding finish!
Monday 21st of September 2015
In this cast written episode, one of the groups dubious "exes" shows up with an agenda as villainous as it is just plain wrong!
Monday 14th of September 2015
The reverse plot instigated by Jericho and Jonah against Jacob McFarmington comes to a stunning conclusion that is definitely PG-13 rated in the second half of our first ever improv show!
Monday 7th of September 2015
In honor of Labor Day, the cast decided to do something different here! We all entered the studio with no script and only vague ideas and began to improv. What came out is this episode and the next one and it is way more funny than it has a right to be! In fact, some of this may scar you for life! When Jacob McFarmington and Lloyd Walton come for a stay at Jonah and Tammy's Bed and Breakfast...a hastily conceived plan turns into utter mayhem!
Monday 31st of August 2015
The doc is up to more shenanigans and Jericho is out to figure out just what he is up to...before damage is done. It's a slow build to a crazy finish as Dr. Effer meets his match!
Friday 21st of August 2015
Jericho and the gang are busted in the middle of a plot to...well...we really aren't sure what they were doing, but it involved a giant inflatable phallic symbol...and now they have been sentenced to see a psychiatrist to find out what makes them tick...but something isn't right either way you look at it!
Monday 17th of August 2015
Jericho's mom, Maxine McAgnes returns with a vengeance and catches Prof. Arkham and Perry in a vulnerable state! It's cat and mouse all over the place until the wolf comes out of hiding! Check out this totally hilarious misadventure!
Monday 10th of August 2015
In the second half of the memory erasing caper, the entire gang gets swooped up into the realm of the watchers where the battle is on to save BB Gunn and all that they know. And as if that wasn't enough, the big High Council Watcher Elder Tribunal has a few words to say as well!
Monday 3rd of August 2015
Cast member, Alan Mendez, (BB Gunn) wrote this first of a two part episode and the cast list is amazing! Several classic characters come back to make funny appearances and lend their two cents to a serious comedy of errors! MK Northum voices a new villain that is unlike anything you have met before! And now you will finally know the answer to the question: What would our group of misfits do if they had never met? PLUS featuring the amazing music of the Illinois based Trance Fusion band "Chachuba" and Kevin Macleod!
Monday 27th of July 2015
The end of everything is looming large in Paranoria. All roads have lead to this final confrontation between the evil Barry Carpenter and our gaggle of goofs. Lives are on the line and no matter which way it goes, things will change forever.
Monday 20th of July 2015
The stakes are high and getting higher as the evil Barry Carpenter begins to care less and less about what he does or who he hurts in his quest to destroy our heroes. And to make matters worse, the watcher council has become aware of the situation and they are not happy campers. With guests Jeff D. Hurley, Paul Budd, Jeff Cavazos, and Chris Abraham as Elder Watcher THX-1138.
Monday 13th of July 2015
The gang is all shot up and some may not make it. Professor Arkham is basically holding them together with bailing wire and duct tape as Jericho, Jonah and BB head out to try to stop the insanity brought on by the lunatic from the future. It ain't gonna be pretty.
Friday 3rd of July 2015
Barry Carpenter, the mad man from the future has landed smack dab in the middle of Paranoria, and his lust for power knows no bounds. He makes it very clear from the beginning that there is nothing that can stand in his way. Will our geeky buddies survive?
Monday 29th of June 2015
The year is 5069 and it's a whole new world. College students, Barry Carpenter, Willie Burrows, and Floyd Partridge are learning about the rich history of Paranoria from a Professor Jessie Arkham when one of them develops a positively evil plan.
Monday 22nd of June 2015
In the first episode written by cast member Matt McBride (Perry Buckner) the gang gets sucked into a very upside down video game and everything and everyone runs amok! It's life or death situation but nobody knows it!
Monday 15th of June 2015
In the conclusion to the dream saga, we get to enter the whacked out world of Tammy, Jonah, and Jericho's sleeping subconsciousness! With a killer soundtrack by guest voice actor David Matti, it's a wild ride into la la land!
Monday 8th of June 2015
In a departure for the norm, cast member, Eric Nivens who plays Jonah Rex on the Show has written this episode. It takes us into the sleeping minds of our nutty group...and some of the things you may find there will be quite a surprise. Definitely not the norm for Paranoria...but in the Paranoria...anything can happen!
Monday 1st of June 2015
Something very strange is afoot in Paranoria, TX when Perry decides to tinker with one of Chance's failed experiments that he was supposed to dispose of. What he thinks is a super antenna that will let him get free porn for life, ends up being something entirely different...and the effects change both he and Jonah in a pretty wild way!
Monday 25th of May 2015
Jericho decides a nice lazy day at home alone is just the ticket for relaxation and a perfect way to forget about their recent troubles in the other world. Of course, this, like all his plans, goes horribly awry!
Monday 18th of May 2015
The final battle rages as our heroes fight, not only to save the parallel world of Bedora, but also the future fate of our own Earth! It's all out war with the rats and a surprise villain that ends in death for one of our characters! A bevy of wonderful guest stars add to the excitement and comedy as things reach the climax of the season!
Monday 11th of May 2015
Having completed the mission of rescuing Chance, our friends discover there is more going on here than any of them had imagined as they are suddenly thrust into a scenario that just may decide the fate of two worlds.
Monday 4th of May 2015
It's the funniest rescue mission you have ever seen, when our gang go deep into the woods of Bedora, into the Weasel Homeland to save Chance from being put in a permanent freak show display!
Monday 27th of April 2015
This is a special re-airing of Episode 9 "Calling All Cauldrons" starring Kevin Betzer of Sy-Fy Channel's "Deep South Paranormal" and Selena Roane of "FEAR Paranormal". In honor of the annual Tyler Paranormal Conference!
Monday 20th of April 2015
Something lurks under the ruins of Keelorville in the parallel world of Bedora. In order to get the weapons our gang needs to survive, they must face that and more!
Monday 13th of April 2015
Everyone takes a trip through a portal to another world where animals rule and evil lurks!
Monday 6th of April 2015
The mystery of the mansion continues as the gang make their way towards the conclusion that will send them into a world spanning adventure! With a score written and performed by the amazing Kevin MaCleod!
Monday 30th of March 2015
A night of games and fun in Tammy and Jonah's Victorian bed and breakfast turns into a mystery full of fun and adventure! It's a dark and stormy night when our crazy kids go in search of what they think is hidden treasure...but what they find is beyond anyone's dreams!
Monday 23rd of March 2015
It's time a for a good old fashioned Paranoria wedding! Tammy and Jonah tie the knot and start making their new adventures come to life in one of the most lighthearted and funny episodes of all! The shenanigans leading up to and during the wedding are a hoot! And with a guest like Bigfoot at your wedding...what could possibly go wrong? Oh and don't forget the return of Maxine the Cougar!
Monday 16th of March 2015
The long journey begun in episode 9 comes to an end with an all out magical war and a marriage proposal! With the amazing guest voice talents of anime star Chuck Huber and internet radio star Jackson Herod and the lovely Rosa Ramirez...this is one heck of a show! So tune in and let the fireworks begin!
Monday 9th of March 2015
The amazing funimation anime voice actor of DragonBall Z and Full Metal Alchemist fame joins us on tonight's episode as the mess of Perry's rage fueled revenge attack begins to wind up. Join us in Salem, MA as the stage is set for the big showdown!
Monday 2nd of March 2015
Take a trip to Scotland with us as the ramifications of Perry's enormous hole play out! (yeah, we said that. LOL!) New and exciting things are in store for the group as well as a new villain! And be sure to listen all the way to the end to hear a hilarious blooper reel and a fantastic rock n roll version of "Scotland the Brave"!
Monday 23rd of February 2015
It's the beginning after the ending! Paranoria is destroyed! Sometimes the fantastical becomes the plausible and all you need is a few good tools and a super brain. All is left up to Tammy to put right. Can she do it? We can only hope!
Monday 16th of February 2015
Beginning with a funeral that you won't likely forget and going downhill in an insane way from there...this episode is unforgettable! The lesson to be learned here is the Perry's hole is an amazingly powerful thing!
Monday 9th of February 2015
Jericho is tired of the same old same old and heads to Dallas to get away from it all. It doesn't take him long to get involved in an adventure or two...but the devastating results may change Paranoria forever. It definitely going to be a vacation to remember!
Monday 2nd of February 2015
Maxine is back with a vengeance! And this time she has brought two of her cougar pals to help her out! Will poor Perry survive? Will any of us survive the "Cougar Rap"? No matter what, Perry's squeaks of terror will live on in infamy from this day forward!
Monday 26th of January 2015
It's always best to let sleeping witches stay sleeping! But of course, our crew can never let well enough alone. It doesn't take long for them to learn their mistake! When the Blackwood siblings are resurrected, nobody is safe! Guest starring Fear Paranormal's Selena Roane, and Sy-Fy Channel "Deep South Paranormal"'s Kevin Betzer. Hang on to your hats!
Monday 19th of January 2015
Our gang gets blasted into the past where they meet a butt-kicking sheriff voiced by the Scy-Fy Channel's "Helix" star, Neil Napier. It's pandemonium in the wild west done as only our cast of loonies could do!
Monday 12th of January 2015
When the godfather of modern role playing games comes to Paranoria, there's bound to be trouble. Especially when Jericho throws in an ancient incantation! It's the dawn of the droolers and they certainly produce a lot of drool.
Monday 5th of January 2015
Super star actress, Kristen McGuire, visits Paranoria and gets more then she bargains for when she runs afoul of our gang's latest plot! Will she survive? Will she kill them? Tune in and find out!
Monday 29th of December 2014
When Jericho's parents come to town, all hell breaks loose! They just want to be a part of their sweet little boy's life...which puts him through hell. Maybe if his parents weren't so darn...weird!
Monday 22nd of December 2014
Christmas comes to Paranoria, and with comes tidings of anger and confusion. It's not what you really expect from a Christmas Carol...but in's what you get!
Monday 15th of December 2014
Jericho's nemesis comes to town and disrupts his authority over his fellow nerds...until he hatches a plan to get it back.
Monday 8th of December 2014
In their never ceasing escapades, our intrepid crew decide to take over a radio station by force and play their own song over the airwaves.
Friday 28th of November 2014
Meet the gang of misfits as they carry out a wild plan to take over the world!