Plausible Deniability Podcasts

Sunday 12th of February 2017
Tonight we feature some of the silliest skits you may have ever heard...and we feature new guests Lee Shults, Rose Marie and Staaanley the Horse! No...we just never grew up.
Sunday 29th of January 2017
Listen to the improvisational comedy madness!! Don't ask why, just do it and God Bless America!
Friday 6th of January 2017
The maniacs are at it again! There is no rhyme or reason...only insanity! Check out these funny and silly improv skits and smile!
Sunday 25th of December 2016
What happens when a very bad Santa, a wacky folk singing duo, a maker of parade floats, a British talk show host, and a naughty department store get together? Well listen to this episode and find out!
Saturday 17th of December 2016
These improvisational comedy skits will have you laughing out loud! Get ready to ride the roller coaster of insane fun with the band of merry makers that always try, but often fail, to keep a modicum of plausible deniability!
Saturday 10th of December 2016
The madness continues in this episode as a door to door salesman gets more than he bargains for, a classic TV show gets parodied, some zombies wander the streets, a peeping tom out does himself, a forgetful husband has an answer for everything, and a classic joke is completely ruined in a funny way!
Sunday 4th of December 2016
The silliness knows no bounds on this episode of "Plausible Deniability"! We've got everything from a highly sexed up couple in a public movie theater, to a couple of idiotic radio show hosts trying to figure out how to promote their show! It's funny and totally socially unacceptable! Share it with friends!
Sunday 13th of November 2016
A young man is treated to his "first time" by his father in an unusual way, a doctor discovers some very interesting things about his patient, a stand up comedian tries out a new routine, and a guest on a British Hunting Show gets more than he bargained for! Hilarious improv comedy hi jinks!
Sunday 6th of November 2016
The insanity ramps up with these improv shorts that include a power gamer, bad tomatoes, and a case of mistaken funeral among other silliness!
Friday 16th of September 2016
The stupidity reaches new heights (or depths depending on how you look at it!) with this episode! It's chocked full of goofy improv that is sure to leave you laughing...or with a bad taste in your mouth...or both! It's a win, win!
Friday 2nd of September 2016
Well here we are at episode three! We can't believe we have made it this far! We must be very lucky somehow! In this episode you will hear things like a horse in a strip club, a very frustrated movie director, a poor woman trapped in an elevator with a couple of idiots, two guys trying to sneak into a concert, a home project gone wrong, an apostle of the church of peanuts, and a pest control incident you won't believe!
Friday 26th of August 2016
Somehow they let us put out a second episode. We have no idea why. But hey, since we are here...enjoy these terrible and terribly funny adult comedy skits! What happens when a man is terribly honest about the reason he needs to buy a van? What happens when a talking horse with very bad manners invades a televangelist program? What happens when a mountain couple wander into a sex shop? Find out all that and more in this episode! (Parental Guidance is Strongly Suggested)
Thursday 18th of August 2016
In this debut episode, the cast of idiots present four crazy improv skits that push the boundaries of good taste and sanity! It's outrageous comedy with an edge! Check out "Super Hero Meeting" where our dysfunctional super heroes with unique powers try to form a team. Laugh at "Theater Goers" where some friends meet unexpectedly at a theater showing a questionable movie. Enjoy "Party People" where some lunatics on the way to a costume party get pulled over by a less than reputable police officer. And tickle your funny bone with the "Batman Interview"! Let show "guide" Poppa Bona lead you through the journey! PARENTAL GUIDANCE SUGGESTED!