The Back Room Podcasts

Thursday 18th of May 2017
Great music and lots of info shared by Scuba Steve!
Wednesday 12th of April 2017
Mouse and the Traps, legendary Tyler band, joins Scuba Steve in the studio and discuss music, history, and what the future holds!
Sunday 26th of March 2017
Kick ass music from a kick ass dude! Listen to it right here!
Sunday 12th of March 2017
Amazing music from an amazing duo! These cats are the real deal! Check it out!
Tuesday 7th of March 2017
This girl is the bomb diggety! The sultry sounds of this beautiful lady will haunt your dreams!
Tuesday 28th of February 2017
Tune in to hear the radio debut of the new single "Moonlight". And hear Scuba Steve rant mindlessly for about an hour. LOL.
Monday 13th of February 2017
Scuba Steve makes his debut in this wildly entertaining episode!
Sunday 5th of February 2017
This episode is our tribute to the one of the greatest music TV shows ever...the amazing Soul Train! Kick back and enjoy!
Monday 23rd of January 2017
Join guest host, Eric Nivens as he takes us down the list of his favorite remakes and cover songs! It's a fun and enjoyable ride!
Sunday 25th of December 2016
Let's end this year with a fun episode! Tonight we feature some of the greatest commercial jingles of all time! We dare you to listen to the whole thing and not hum along or even sing out loud! We bet you will remember most of these fun ear worms!
Sunday 18th of December 2016
Enjoy an hour of uninterrupted Celtic versions of the Christmas music you know and love!
Sunday 11th of December 2016
It's the holidays here at the Back Room and we decided the best gift we could give to you was over an hour of fun, new and old Christmas music, uninterrupted by commercials or our chatter! We hope you enjoy! Merry Christmas!
Sunday 4th of December 2016
Our guests tonight are a cool couple of guys who do very different things in the musical world. Eric Nivens hosts his own radio show called "Nerd's Eye View" and does emcee work for various concerts and shows and has been a DJ for several events. Bradley Collins is a musician and emcee who is an up and coming star!
Sunday 9th of October 2016
We have a little magic on this episode! Stage performer and traveling show people, Elliot Berard and Destynnie Hall are amazing and very entertaining guests! Learn about the awesome things they do and the places where you can see them perform!
Sunday 25th of September 2016
Host David Matti interviews Rock and Roll Artist Brian Steward and learns the life of an artist can be awesome!
Monday 5th of September 2016
Host, David Matti, W/Guest George Jones, takes a time out to discuss upcoming events in the east Texas Area. Plans are revealed and the discussion of what is going to make Tyler a mecca for entertainment is brought to light! AND we get to hear a little montage of "Nazareth" and "Freda Payne"! What more could you want?
Monday 15th of August 2016
You will feel the music flow through your soul in this live in studio recording with these near legendary blues performers! Prepare to be blown away!
Sunday 7th of August 2016
Chris Caban will blow you away with his original electronica music that carries you through the moods and nuances of life!
Monday 1st of August 2016
When guests Jeremy Nagle, Hollie Harper and Alan Mendez (all stars of "Paranoria, TX") join host David turns into a hilarious discussion about their favorite songs of the 1980's! Take a trip down a musical memory lane with these nuts!
Monday 25th of July 2016
Join co-hosts David Matti and Jennyfer Keohane as they interview Paul Bibeau...the man who is a legend in the music business! And listen to the music of the super hot new band "Bibeau", which features his two sons, and which is even now climbing the charts! Share and spread the word!
Monday 4th of July 2016
Please welcome the fascinating, and very talented musician, actor, DJ, and artist...Tony McCullough! Find out more about this wild man's experiences and life challenges as he became the jack of all trades East Texas came to know and love!
Monday 27th of June 2016
In this new episode of "The Back Room" featuring guest host, David Matti, he interviews Thorn and plays some amazing independent tunes you won't hear anywhere else! Tune in, share, and spread the word!
Friday 17th of June 2016
This episode features guest host, David Matti and covers a variety of music from famed Puerto Rican musician, Eli. This guy has done it all from hard and heavy to sweet and romantic. You will not be disappointed!
Thursday 9th of June 2016
Who is, in your opinion, the best male vocalist of the last 30 years? Tune in to this episode where we pick our faves and tell you why! Freddie Mercury anybody?
Monday 6th of June 2016
"The Back Room" is going NERDY with guest Jim Amos as we discuss some of the best medieval, Celtic, new age music out there!
Tuesday 24th of May 2016
We lost one of the most influential and talented rockers of all time recently when Prince died. This is our tribute to him and his musical legacy, featuring hosts George Jones of Paranoria, TX and Brook Keohayne of Brook & Coop.
Sunday 17th of April 2016
It's time to rock! Check out these jamming artists who have a lot to say and some of the best music to share!
Sunday 10th of April 2016
Indi rocker Robert Dean Smith Chimes in this hour. Lots of events coming into town. Stay tuned for news you can stand to hear!
Wednesday 16th of March 2016
Monday 29th of February 2016
Monday 22nd of February 2016
In the first episode hosted by DJ Hawk, we get to meet the "Sons of Affliction"...a hard rocking Southern band with a bright future!
Monday 15th of February 2016
We get to meet the new host of the Back Room and find out what he thinks is cool as well as learn about some of the best night spots for musical entertainment in East Texas!
Monday 8th of February 2016
Here we are just a few days away from Valentine's and we are airing a special show in which we count down the top 12 greatest love songs of all time! Grab the one you love and curl up together and share the moment! Happy Valentine's day everybody!
Monday 1st of February 2016
Take a trip down memory lane on this episode where we feature the top ten one hit wonders of all time according to VH1 and we throw in so many other great tunes you will have to get up and dance!
Monday 25th of January 2016
In this episode we feature the mystical music of the Celtic / Medieval band: Triskelion! These Ren-Faire performers have traveled and performed together for many years and their music will take you on emotional journeys you'll never forget! Join us for a beautiful ride!
Monday 18th of January 2016
This episode features some dang awesome guests! Jim and Dee Patton have had a long and incredible career in the music business and have performed with some of the greats like Neil Sedaka, Barry McGuire, etc. They have produced many albums in many genres and are currently ruling the world with their oldies show! Check it out for some killer music!
Monday 11th of January 2016
In this episode, guest host, Charles Parkes, steps in to handle the reigns for Jeremy during illness, and he interviews the amazing soul and gospel singer: Shay Marshall.
Monday 28th of December 2015
Tonight we welcome comedic folk singer, Rusty Mitchum on the show. His songs are sure to delight and bring a silly grin to your face. Tune in and share the podcast with anyone you think needs a smile today!
Monday 21st of December 2015
Monday 14th of December 2015
Tonight I speak with an extremely awesome new friend, Mr. Bob Mauldin! Bob has done it all from being a DJ, a recording artist, starting a recording label, to even being an actor and having his own television show! This man is so easy to talk to and down to Earth that we very easily jump the rails and get off topic. Tune in and listen! Bob even plays a couple of songs right there in the studio for everyone to enjoy!
Monday 7th of December 2015
Tonight I will be speaking with a totally amazing singer songwriter. David Matti. We will be previewing a few of his songs such as Gravity, Limitless, and Believer. These electronica and rock songs will blow you away! They will give you chills! They will fill you full of energy! OK ok, They really are awesome! You need to check him out!