Young Minds Society Podcasts

Thursday 16th of February 2017
Join the adventure in randomness right here! With a special guest!
Wednesday 1st of February 2017
New stuff, new peeps, new fun! Check out this episode that begins again and starts a new legend!
Monday 22nd of August 2016
It's random but it's fun!
Friday 22nd of July 2016
In this episode, we learn a lot from Pikakitten in Pikachoose 5. We easily creep into something a little more creepy with Scary Short Stop featuring two stories, and we pump up the fun in Sounds From A Hat! Make sure to listen to what we would like to call a howling fun time!
Friday 15th of July 2016
Friday 17th of June 2016
Hey my dudes! It's summer and that's means it's time for our gnarly Summer Bash episode! Check it out to listen to our sweet Destination Inspiration, our rad Sounds From A Hat, and the epic Open Door Policy we have in store for you! Tune in for a totally tubular show, my dudes!
Friday 3rd of June 2016
Wednesday 25th of May 2016
In this episode we endeavor into a new realm of hilarity that you can only experience by listening to this episode. Our guest Lee Shults, the lovely and amazing actress, gives us some insight on her jobs as an actress, as a person, and as a government worker. Tune in for a freakishly fun fiend of a show!
Friday 13th of May 2016
Friday 29th of April 2016
In this episode, we learn about integrity and resilience in Destination Inspiration. We entertain ourselves and hopefully you too with our Sounds From a Hat. We are "graced" with another "enjoyable" Complaints Of The Week and we get the incredible chance to interview THE Eagle Douglass of Bilco Lock & Safe, and the Chief Bowles Native American Memorial site! Help us celebrate out 21st episode by listening to the show and giving us a shoutout on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or even Tumblr!
Friday 22nd of April 2016
In this episode, we get to interview the rather famous host of a brother Astronet Radio show, Eric Nivens of Nerds Eye View! We share a "meaningful" PikaKitten's Pikachoose 5 and a spooky-scary Scary Short Stop. We also introduce a new segment this episode called Bluff or Nah, and you'll just have to listen to find out how it goes!
Friday 15th of April 2016
We don't know what would top this one for you, with the super hilarious Sounds From A Hat, impactful Destination Inspiration, frightfully awesome Scary Short Stop, and a perky, quirky Complaints From This Week. We really are packing a powerful punch pertaining to our particularly pleasant presentation. As Steven Tyler eloquently stated, you don't want to miss a thing!
Friday 8th of April 2016
In this episode, we boogie on down to Sounds From a Hat to give you what you've always been waiting to hear, and we update you with our Community Collective News Flash. We introduce two new segments that you will be dying to hear, and we get to interview the stupendous Mr. Wayne Carpenter! Check out Young Minds Society Episode 18 today!
Friday 1st of April 2016
In this extra spectacular episode we like to call "After Hours" because of the almost absent editing done to it! We playfully beat around the bush at SFAH, but we huddle close for Scary Short Stop. Join us for our time when we are just being crazy kids. Featuring new cast mate, Roxii.
Thursday 24th of March 2016
In this episode, we contemplate the Law of Attraction in Destination Inspiration. We interview our special guest Traci Bailey of DJ Big Bailey Records, who enlightens us on what it is to be a DJ. We begin a new short trend in Scary Short Stop and we tie it all together with a hilariously good Sounds From A Hat. Tune into Episode 16 of Young Minds Society today!
Monday 21st of March 2016
This episode is one, nonstop. Sounds From A Hat. In our first Milestone Marker Special Episode, we, DJ Y, Queen Miep, and ATL, dive face-first into the magical realm of SFAH. Join us for the good times, the sad times, and the wicked rad times. Kick back, relax, and crank up the volume, Buckle in for Special Episode 15!
Friday 11th of March 2016
In episode 14 of YMS, we delve deep into the roots of hatred in Inspiration Destination. We amuse you, and quite frankly amuse us, in Sounds From A Hat. We interview Special Guest Gary Clendennen of Crossroads Ghost Society for a hauntingly good time. This episode introducing new cast member, Rayzilla. Also, we ask you your opinion over the 2016 presidential campaign so far and give you the chance to win! Participate in our trivia contest on Facebook to show your support! Treat yo self and listen to YMS Episode 14!
Friday 4th of March 2016
In this episode, we chill you to the bone with our Scary Short Story reading of the Cookie Lady by Philip K. Dick. We bring up Steam in PikaKitten's PikaChoose 5. We interview Rosa Ramirez of popular local Mexican Restaurant El Charro and we groove on into a spectacular Sounds From a Hat. Don't let this be the one episode you miss! Listen now!
Friday 26th of February 2016
In our 12 episode, we have a lively debate over all things geek in PikaKitten's Discussion. We inspire you to over come your fears and we entertain you, hopefully, with Sounds from A Hat. We give you breaking updates in our Community Collective News Flash. We present you with PikaKitten's top five Sci-Fi weapons and enjoy a lovely interview with our special guest Dodad Burton of Burton Brothers Racing, who also happens to be a psychic sensitive. This episode contains our new cast member, MC POD. It would be a shame to miss this one!
Friday 19th of February 2016
In this episode, we advise you on your relationship with our belated Valentines Destination Inspiration segment. We give you a taste of something sweet in our interview with Amelia Benson of Tyler's new Amelia's Sweetery. We disturb yet charm you with our Sounds From A Hat. Buckle in for our eleventh episode!
Friday 12th of February 2016
In our 10th episode, we delve into the realm of thrills, chills, and still have enough to incorporate a new segment. We interview Ryan Laepple, the owner of Terror Nights haunted attraction in Tyler and learn a thing or two about who makes those things go bump in the night. We crack up over our Sounds From a Hat this episode with our new cast mate, Tyrancè. We cook up a cool, chaotic clip called Callikaze. Tune in for our one of a kind show!
Friday 5th of February 2016
In this episode, we hoot and holler in laughter in Sounds From A Hat. We roast each other in this special edition of Discussion Pikachoose Top 5. We inspire all our listeners to check out Jung's 16 personalities test and find out just who you really are. We motor on in our 9th episode, and we hope you'll be there for (and enjoy) the ride!
Friday 29th of January 2016
In this episode, we cover addiction and other bad influences. We break the seriousness up with our sounds from a hat segment. We venture in this week's top five, and we send chills down your spine with our super short scary story. We introduce a new tradition on the show stemming from a popular one. This episode isn't like any other, so don't miss it!
Friday 22nd of January 2016
In this episode, we study Martin Luther King Jr., a classic hero, and enjoy the top five listed game systems by PikaKitten. We host an entertaining Sounds From a Hat with our guest, Deacon Bill Necessary (part time cosplayer and full time ordained minister) whom we interview later on in the show. Episode 7 is host to our second trivia contest, much like the first. Tune in for Young Minds Society Episode 7!
Saturday 16th of January 2016
In this episode we interview the famous artist, Brian Steward, and find out what it means to be a success in the art world and doing what you love! Did you know he also hosts a radio show?! We found that out too! And of course we had lots of the usual insanity, so tune in and turn on!
Friday 8th of January 2016
In this special episode, we read a dramatic poem, and a terrifying tale. We face the challenges of going back to school after the winter break. We entertain you with our best Sounds From a Hat yet. And to top off our spectacular fifth episode, we get the chance to interview celebrity Mike Stewart, roleplaying game designer and published author. It's a solid hour of time you won't regret wasting!
Saturday 2nd of January 2016
In this episode airing New Years Day, we delve into the changing tides of school and the spring semester, we inspire you to make the right changes this new year, and you make your sides ache with a hilarious Improv session. Don't miss the contest announced during the show! Be sure to tune in for our fourth episode.
Friday 25th of December 2015
In our Christmas episode, we navigate the latest geeky news, Christmas traditions, improv, and the relationship between giving and taking. Don't miss our Christmas episode!
Friday 18th of December 2015
In this episode we ask the real questions, discuss popular holiday rituals, share an award-winning tale, and break down those stereotypical barriers. Be sure to listen!
Friday 11th of December 2015
Episode 1- feat. Wayward Whale (Hannah McClellan), Princess Jaz (Jazmin Toledo), Carl Poppa (Davison Criner), Dr.X & DJ Y (Alexis Jones , and Mad Dog (Kathryn Johnson). In this episode, we explore Black Friday and the Thanksgiving/Christmas fued, along with reviewing Mocking Jay Part 2, and dealing with 'coming out' to those close to you. This episode is a variety of things holding true to its name. Join us for a scary story, an inspirational journey, and a trip through the 'punny' universe. Tune into the show that has it all!