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Episode 1 - "Lines of Force" by George which a man finds a passport to a very strange place in the woods behind his home.  AND "Old Shadows"by George which a waitress at a beloved diner discovers there is more going on when the lights go off than she bargained for.

Episode 2 - "Short, Short Horror" performed by 28 different actors, "The Velvet Band" performed by Karena Love, "At Day's End" written and performed by Alexis Jones

It's a lovely smattering of bloody disgusting good horror in this episode! Check out the short, short horror stories performed by 28 different actors from all walks of life...Teachers to Carpenters to TV & Movie Stars!  Then follow that up with two tales of terror that will leave you with the shudders! 

Episode 3 - Grab your blankie, and cuddle up with someone you love and listen to the new show tonight which features two original stories, by Lee Shults "The House" and George Jones "A Final Song" and three other incredible readings by Carol Leos, Bill Necessary, and Jeff D. Hurley! Enjoy these tales to tremble by and then sleep with the lights on! 

Episode 4 - It's a trilogy of terror written by George Jones as we feature the stories "A Warning" in which a man dabbles in the black arts to ill effect, "A Lonely little Boy" in which a young man gets very excited about the new tenants, and "Shades" wherein we learn never to ignore the shadows.  Plus, Matt McBride shares short TRUE horror segments!

Shivers Run Rampant!

Our newest show is a total hit!  It's creepy fun and sure to send a few shivers down your spine!  Check out "A Walk in Shadow" Wednesday at 9PM, Saturday at 10PM, and Mondays at 11PM!  Or dowload it from its show page!  Click on the pic above to check out the FaceBook page!

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