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     What would happen if the king of all nerds was given a microphone and free reign over his own show?  It could mean we're in for a treat or it could mean the end of times...who knows?!  Let's find out!  Nerd's Eye View is a show about all things geektastic!  And we want to hear from you!  Listen and then let your opinon be known via email, facebook or twitter!


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Episode 1-- Let Me Tell Ya...

   This is my introductory episode! I set the stage by telling you a bit about me as well as dive head first into the debate on Marvel Vs. DC comics, movies, and their TV shows!



Episode 2: All About Star Wars


   Are you ready for some Star Wars? I sure am! The Force Awakings is almost here so I'm getting us ready by talking all things Star Wars. I discuss the Disney takeover of the franchise, the prequels, girl power, Star Wars vs Star Trek, and much more!




Episode 3:Trek Talkin' pt 1


   The trailer for Star Trek Beyond is out and I'm hearing a lot of reactions to it on the web. This week I tell you my reaction to it as well as give you a top five list of best Star Trek helmsmen, doctors, and engineers. Special guest co-host George Jones (Jericho from "Paranoria, TX") stops by to debate me on my selections!




Episode 4: Trek Talkin' part 2


I continue my discussion on Star Trek by giving you my top 5 list of great first officers and captains. Charles Parks (Chance Parker from Paranoria, TX) calls in to join the fun. He has his own opinions on some of these so the discussion should be pretty lively!





Episode 5: Vampires


This week I have the priviledge of having not one but two of the smartest, most talented ladies I've ever met join me on air: Lee Shults (Maxine from "Paranoria, TX", President of the Edom Civic Theatre, Edom City Council) and Jaime Nivens (Tuesday Thompkins from "Paranoria, TX"). We discuss vampires of all kinds and Lee tells us all about an awesome series of books featuring not your mother's vampires. Then both ladies let me know why women love these creatures of the night. Talk about a different point of view!



Episode 6: Like A d6


 I'm ready to talk some gaming and by gaming I mean table top role playing games! My wife and Dungeon Master Jaime Nivens (Tuesday Thompkins "Paranoria, TX" and Supervisor at the American Heart Association Dallas) stops by to discuss Dungeons and Dragons, its various editions, Pathfinder, and our experiences as players and DMs as well as the best and worst habits other players have had. Get out your Player's Handbooks and get ready to role initiative! 




Episode 7: Let's Cosplay!


In this fun episode I am joined by the talented Poison Faulkner, Deacon Bill Necessary, and Knightmage as we discuss Cosplay, comics, movies, and more. Hear stories and advice from these amazing individuals!




I'm taking a look at all of the  (recent) Marvel Cinematic Universe movies and rank them in order from 12 to 1. George Jones ("Paranoria, TX", "A Walk in Shadows") stops by again to debate my choices. 



Episode 9: Animated Discussion!

Special guest cohosts George Jones ("Paranoria, TX", "A Walk in Shadows") and Joe Palmer (JB and the Moonshine Band) join me for a walk down memory lane as we talk about classic cartoons and kids tv programs. We talk about all of our favorites going all the way back to early Bugs Bunny and Popeye to modern favs like Dexter's Laboratory and Samurai Jack.


EPISODE 10: TOYS and Stories 

Lots of fun and laughs as I interview Steve Farmer ("The Bob Show", Jacob McFarmington on "Paranoria, TX", owner of Rocket Fizz) and Hollie Harper  (Tammy Rex from "Paranoria, TX") and we discuss some of our favorite toys from childhood. 



Jeremy Nagle  (Paranoria, TX and The Back Room) Paul Budd ( sergeant mambos apple tree of weirdness) show up to discuss their reactions to Star Wars The Force Awakens.  Jeremy also takes me to task on some previous opinions given about Star Trek Star Wars and other things.


EPISODE 12: Gamers Paradise 

I'm in the mood to talk some more about gaming and to help in the discussion Mike and Liz Stewart  (podcast "Save or Die") call in. We discuss old school gaming as well as their podcast and some really exciting projects coming out soon!


Episode 13: Classic Monsters

George jones stops by again and this time we discuss classic movie monsters such as vampires werewolves and the like. Lots of fun for any fan those old school monster movies.


Episode 14: All About The S.C.A.


This week is devoted to everything S.C.A. Bob Wade of the Tyler, TX chapter of the S.C.A. shows up to tell us all about this facinating ot=rginization!

Episode 15: The Paranormal 


Famous psychic Maria Santos and ghost hunter Jordan Eckeberger join we tell us all about hunting ghosts haunted houses and all manner of psychic phenomenon.


Episode 16: Deadpool and Pokemon


I give my reactions to the Deadpool movie and then we celebrate the 20th anniversary of Pokemon by talking all about it. Joining me in the discussion is Josh Nivens (Pikakitten from "Young Minds So ciety" and Alan Mendez (B.B. Gunn "Paranoria, TX", "Speak EZ").





EPISODE 17: Everything Anime!

Josh Nivens  (PikaKitten from "Young Mind's Society ") joins me again this week for an in-depth discussion on anime. He tells us some of his favorites and his least favorites.


Episode 18: Interview With A Voice Actor 

In this episode I interview up-and-coming voice actor Joshua Passmore. He gives us advice on how to become a voice actor tips for people looking to break into the business as well as treats us to a variety of the different voices he can do.

Episode 19: Greatest Comic Book Stories Ever!

Fan favorite George Jones joins me in a spirited discussion on the greatest comic book story arcs ever written. DC, Marvel, and even the independents are talked about.




EPISODE 20: Batman vs Superman and Pathfinder Talk

Independent discussion on the movie "Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice". Then we discuss Pathfinder role playing game.

Episode 21: Favorite Comic Book Movies 

It's time to talk about comic book movies. I'm a big fan of movies and comics so this episode was a lot of fun to put together. Dave Seigler of Ground Zero comics joins me and fan favorite Jaime Nivens to discuss hits and misses in the world of comic book movie adaptations. 




Jaime Nivens joins me to talk RPG monsters and favorite gaming snacks. We also discuss perfect food pairings for your gaming groups.



An in-depth discussion on some great time travel stories from movies, TV, comics, and video games. 






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