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You won't believe the antics of a gang of misfit nerds in a town full of "normals" as they try to take over the world! (Rated PG-13) 

Jericho McAgnes is the self appointed team leader and megalomaniac.

Perry Buckner is his right hand man and the poor rich kid in town.

Tammy Rex can create anything out of practically nothing!  She and Jonah run the local Bed and Breakfast and keep the party hopping!

Jonah Rex is the comedian with the fingers of fire!  He Joined the gang and never looked back!

You'll laugh! You'll cry! You'll probably hang your head in shame! But one thing is will be entertained!

And remember folks, in Paranoria, TX it's highly possible someone really is out to get you, but it's OK because they are most likely idiots!

**All episodes written by George Jones unless otherwise noted.


Episode 1: "The Brown Derby" Written by George Jones

In our debut episode, we meet Jericho - the megalomaniac leader, Chance - the super genius, Perry - the rich boy, and Brooklyn - the warrior lady as they attempt to take over the world by inventing a ray gun that does some pretty crazy things!  The town of Paranoria, TX may not know what hit them!

Episode 2:  "The Message Beneath" Written by George Jones

Our gang of misfits take over a radio station where they hold the King of the Airwaves, voiced by TV star Bob Mauldin, hostage!  Their goal is to play their own wacky tune over the air, but things don't quite pan out!

Episode 3:  "Nemesis" Written by George Jones

Jericho runs afoul of his archnemesis as voiced by the talented Steve Farmer.  Together they terrorize the Mayor of Paranoria, voiced by Eddie Hernandez, in a hauntingly funny escapade! 


Episode 4: "The Brooklyn Clause" Written by George Jones

This is our Christmas Special! It features the guest voice talents of Paty Peralta, Steve Davis, and Doug Crawford.  Your Christmas memories may get turned upside down when Brooklyn reveals her plans for world domination...but never goes most things in Paranoria, TX..plans do go astray in an outrageous way!


Episode 5:  "Catch a Cougar by the Toe" Written by George Jones

Jericho's parents come to visit and brother, does it knock him for a loop!  His mom, voiced by actress Lee Shults, and his dad, voiced by 36 year constable of Smith County, Dennis Taylor are definitely not your run of the mill parents.  Tune in and see just how they make Jericho's world start to fray at the edges!


Episode 6:  "A Star is Torn" Written by George Jones

Special guest star, Kristen McGuire - the talented Anime' Voice actress, and manga artist, comes to Paranoria to promote her new film...and of course our little group of miscreants can't let well enough alone!  There is certain to be shenanigans when these two worlds clash!  And Kristen's agent, Carrie Cash (as voiced by Mary Foster) is not happy!


Episode 7: "Dawn of the Droolers" Written by George Jones

Who would think that the path to world domination lay in a role playing game?  The legendary godfather of gaming and co-creator of the Dungeons and Dragons worlds, James Ward, guest stars as a game master with a very special ability in this wild and wooly episode!  And David Seigler of Groud Zero comics joins the fray as the much put upon shop keep!  If you learn nothing else from this least you will know better than to mess with Cthulu!


Episode 8: "The Inevitable Time Travel Episode (AKA - In Time, Indeed)"                                                                                                                                 Written by George Jones

It was bound to happen!  When you have a group as diversely talented and maniacal as this...someone was going to bring a time machine into it at some point...and here it is!  Our crazy kids get swept into the 1800's wild west in a crazy attempt to take over Paranoria before it even comes to be.  And with the help of the local sheriff, John DeeWayne (played by Neil Napier, the star of the scy-fy channel's hit series "Helix") it just might happen!  Along the way, they run into a gruff bartender named Charlie (played by Townsquare Media's Eric Davis), a burly gun slinger named Big Mike (played by Mike Sharbeno of STAR Paranormal), the original gambler who founded Paranoria, Mr. Pablo Cruise (played by Bob Durham of Longview ISD), and Jericho's great, great grandmother Martha McAgnes (played by Alexis Jones of Ghoulies & Ghosties).  The wild west never got much wilder than this!


Episode 9: "Calling all Cauldrons" Written by George Jones

    Bubble, bubble, toil & trouble!  Leave it up to our nutty clique to ressurrect two trouble making witches from Paranoria's past.  Suddenly, Jericho, Perry, Chance and Brooklyn must stop another group...a high powered group...of would be world conquerors before they end up in a life of indentured servitude!  Featuring guest stars: Selena Roane of Fear Paranormal, and Kevin Betzer of the Sy-Fy Channel's Deep South Paranormal.  It's a laugh fest that Jericho may not escape unscathed!

Episode 10: "The Three Heartbeats" Written by George Jones

Maxine is back!  And she brought company!  Perry makes a run for his life and the chase is on!  Too bad Jericho goes on vacation...otherwise he might have been there to save us all from the horror of the "Cougar Rap"!  Grab your pink fluffy handcuffs and come along for the ride!

Episode 11: "The Vacation" Written by George Jones

     While Perry was being chased all over town by those wild cougars...Jericho headed to Dallas for vacation.  It sure didn't take him long to get into the thick of things...including a bit of trouble that just may change Paranoria forever.  Travel with him as he meets Jonah Rex the comedian and Tammy Hill the club waitress and see where the day takes them...


Episode 12: "Perry's Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day" Written by 

                                                                                                                   George Jones

     Poor Perry!  His best friend is dead and his already fragile mind is beginning to unravel!  What fresh hell will his misbegotten sense of vengeance unleash on the town of Paranoria?  Will anyone survive?  This episode marks the climax / end of our "first season" and nothing can prepare you for the power of Perry's hole!

Episode 13: "All You Need is a Magma Torch, an Electro Welder,

Flux Capacitor, and a Sonic Screwdriver" Written by George Jones

     It's the beginning, after the ending!  Paranoria is destroyed!  Everyone seems dead!  How will our heroes overcome this horror?  Sometimes the fantastical becomes plausible and all you need is few good tools and a super brain.  All is left up to Tammy to put things right.  Can she do it?  We can only hope!

Episode 14: "Aye, To be Sure" Written by George Jones
     Things progress more towards the positive as we travel to beautiful Scotland in this episode and meet some interesting people.  Jericho returns in a most unique way and a new villain is lurking in Salem, MA!  It's a fun trip with a groovy cast as life begins to return to...well...anything but normal!

Episode 15 - "Who Watches the Watcher?" Written by George Jones
     The stage is being set for the big showdown as the mess of Perry's ill planned revenge scheme starts to tie up.  Magic and an intense evil bring new troubles to Perry and Brooklyn and poor Jonah is cast completely out...of the universe!  Meet Mark and Paul and learn what goes on behind the scenes in Salem, MA when the lights go out!  Our friend Cora Blackwood has it in for them all and she will stop at nothing to destroy them! And please welcome super guest, Chuck Huber...the voice actor behind some amazing TV shows such as Dragonball Z, and full Metal Alchemist!  

Episode 16 - "The Showdown" Written by George Jones
It's all out war as the epic story arc that began in episode 9 comes to a close!  The gang is finally reunited in Salem, MA in what could be their final curtain call.  Will they survive the magical battle that ensues?  Will they discover how the black hole changed them?  And will the character of "Paul", as voiced by the anime legend, Chuck Huber, really take a lawn mower after the bad guy?  Tune in and find out!  

Episode 17 - "Happily Ever After" Written by George Jones
It's time for a good old fashioned Paranoria wedding and Tammy Hill and Jonah Rex fit the bill!  The shenanigans leading up to and during the ceremony are a hoot!  And just when you think you've seen it all, Bigfoot makes an appearance!  So come on in...consider this your official invitation to the event the last few episodes have been leading up to!  And enjoy the talents of returning guest star. Lee Shults, as Maxine McAgnes the Cougar and new talents, Susan Travis as Freda Hill and Kelly Kirkland as BIGFOOT!

Episode 18 - "Eight Rooms Pt. 1" By Hollie Harper, Matt McBride,
                                                          Alan Mendez, Eric Nivens, & George Jones
     In the first ever episode written by most of the cast of actors, (Eric Nivens, Alan Mendez, George Jones, Hollie Harper, and Matt McBride) our favorite gang of geeks gather at the bed and breakfast, Victorian mansion, recently aquired by Jonah and Tammy Rex.  What begins as a night of fun and board games takes a turn into mystery!  It's a dark and stormy night and Scooby Doo is nowhere to be found when he is needed most!  But there is some other critter waiting around the corner...oh yes...prepare yourself...if you can!
Alan Mendez
Hollie Harper                                                              George Jones

Eric Nivens

________Matt McBride

Episode 19 - "Eight Rooms Pt. 2" By Hollie Harper, Matt McBride,                                                         Alan Mendez, Eric Nivens, & George Jones
    The mystery of the mansion continues and the gang finds an unbelievable thing at the end of their quest!  prepare yourselves for the spisode that will launch our heroes into a world spanning adventure into places where humans have never tread!  Don't worry, they make it through all eight rooms with no's the 9th one that knocks their socks off!  And please welcome Steve Farmer of Rocket Fizz as Staaanley the Horse!

Episode 20 - "Warriors, Weapons, & Weasels" by George Jones
     If you found a portal to another world in the attic of a very old house, would you step through?  Our favorite group of misfits did just that!  They follow Staaanley the talking horse (Steve Farmer) to his home world of "Bedora" and head for his town of "Keelorville".  It's a world of strange wonders and new adventures...but they must be careful...because danger lurks here and soon it will rear its ugly head!  Guest starring comedian Paul Douglas, paranormal psychic researchers Joshua Passmore & Mike McCaskill and Steve Farmer of Rocket Fizz!  It's the beginning of a new story arc and a great jumping on place!  So come on in, but don't get captured by the weasels!

Episode 21 - "The Dweller in the Dark"  Written by George Jones
     Something lurks in the dungeons below the ruins of Keelorville in the parallel world of Bedora.  Our gang must face that and more in order to get the weapons they need to survive!  This is a very special episode featuring a sneak preview (after the blooper reel) of a new music based show called "The Back Room"!  It features the band "Struck by Hammerz" and gives you a little insight into what goes on behind the scenes!  If you like what you hear, make sure you keep an eye out for the full premiere coming soon!

Episode 22: "The Fair Trade" Written by George Jones
     It's a rescue mission like no other when our gang capture the weasels Timbuk & Kontuk and force them to lead the way deep into the forests of Bedora and into the Weasel Homeland to rescue Chance and save him from becoming a permanent display in a very unique freak show!  Guest starring Staaanley the Horse (Steve Farmer), Joahua Passmore, Paul Douglas & Mike McCaskill.

Episode 23 - "Sentient Worlds" Written by George Jones
     Our friends are thrust into a situation that may end up deciding the fate of two worlds when they set out to avenge the murder of Staaanley's family.  They find out more about their past than they ever dreamed possible and enter a world of drakness.  It seems the only way to save life as we know it is to seal the cracks in Bedora that lead to certain doom...and flatulence.

Episode 24: "Battle on Bedora" Written by George Jones
     It's a battle royale on the parrallel world of Bedora when our heroes infiltrate the rat fortress and attack the "head of the snake"!  This is the pinultimate climax of this story arc and it has just a wee bit of twisted humor!  And a bevy of wonderful guest stars make it even better - Paul Douglas, Paul Budd, Joshua Passmore, Jackson Herod, Lee Shults, Alexis Jones, Austin Hill, Brad Stenberg, David Matti, Jeff D. Hurley, and Steve Farmer.

Episode 25 - "The Lazy Day" Written by George Jones

     Things goe terribly awry fro Jericho when he decides to take a day to himself and have a Star Trek marathon.  Who knew just being lazy was so much work?  The comedy is exponentially broadened by guest stars Richard Westbrook, Misty Thompson, Steve Farmer, Karena Love, Katrina Brown and the dual personality of Eric Nivens.


Episode 26 - "I Feel Pretty" Written by George Jones

     Something very strange is afoot in Paranoria, TX.  Perry is tinkering with another one of Chance's failed experiments that he was supposed to take to the city dump...and nothing good comes of it!  Poor Jonah is on the scene and both their worlds get turned upside down in very amusing ways!  NOTE:  This is the first ever episode that was recorded entirely in one sitting with all cast members live and on the mic!  With guest star Joshua Passmore as Alfred the waiting waiter.

Episode 27: "Do Geeks Dream of Electric Sheep? Pt 1" By Eric Nivens

In a departure from the norm...if there is such a thing in Paranoria...this episode takes you on a Twilight Zone-ish adventure into the dream worlds of our favorite geeks.  It's definitely not what you expect, and some of it may end up twisting your brain a bit.  It also makrs the first time an episode has been written entirely by a cast member besides George Jones (Jericho).  This one was written by Eric Nivens who plays Jonah Rex.  Check it out...and see what sort of dream scape he creates! 

Episode 28: "Do Geeks Dream of Electric Sheep? Pt2" By Eric Nivens

In this conclusion to the dream saga, we get to enter the ehacked out world of Tammy, Jonah, and Jericho's Subconscience!  It's an emotional and hilarious adventure that delves into the crazy way our thoughts manifest while we sleep!  With a killer soundtrack by guest actor David Matti, and with guest stars Dodad Burton, Susan Smith, Heather Durham, Mattie Maples, and Joshua Passmore!

Epsisode 29: "Basements & Bugbears" Written by Matt McBride
     In the first episode written by cast member, Matt McBride (Perry Buckner), our friendly flock of fiesty fiends get zapped into a backwards video game with enough drama to choke a cat!  There's Orcs, and a Medic, and lots of teleporting, and magic and war!  It's a free for all in a world they thought they made...but didn't!  Featuring the guest talents of Mattie Maple, MK Northum, Joshua Passmore, Chester Roberts, Cecilyia Roberts, Brian Kremer, amd Paul Douglas (sort of lol!)...with a soundtrack by Ross Bugden!

Episode 30: "Future Tense" Written by George Jones
     It's a beautiful day in Paranoria, TX in the year 5069.  There's a whole new gang in a whole new world to meet but the timelines are about to get crossed and lives are about to change!  In this introduction episode to the "Future Tense" story arc, you will meet Barry, Floyd, Willie, Ernest, Professor Arkham, and the future watcher, RR Tracks.  What does the future of our crazy little town look like?  And what became of our gang?  The answers might surprise you...and if a mad man gets his one will ever see it!  With guest stars: Jeff D. Hurley, Paul Budd, David Matti, Bradley Stenberg, and Mattie Maple.

Episode 31: "Future Tense - Death Comes Home" Written By George                                                                                                             Jones
     Barry Carpenter, the mad man from the future, makes it very clear early on that he is capable of any and every thing in order to achieve the power and status he craves.  It's a black day when he arrives smack dab in the middle of Paranoria...and our geeky group may not survive the encounter. With guest stars Jeff Cavazos, Jeff D. Hurley, and Amanda Seiden.

Episode 32: "Future Tense - Slip Sliding Away" by George Jones
     Brooklyn is hanging on by a thread, Perry and Chance are in a near coma, Tammy is barely awake, and Professor Jessie Arkham is holding them together with duct tape and bailing wire.  Only Jericho, Jonah, and BB are left to take the fight to the streets in a crazy attempt to stop Barry Carpenter's insanity before anyone else gets hurt.  With guest stars: MK Northum, Jeff Cavazos, and Jeff D. Hurley.

Episode 33: "Future Tense - In The Mouth of Madness" by George                                                                                             Jones
    The stakes ar ramped up very quickly as the evil Barry Carpenter begins to care less and less what he does or who he hurts in his quest to destroy our heroes.  Desperate times call for desperate measures and it all leads to a hostage situation that seems hopeless.  And while things are heating up down below the Council of Elder Watchers has become aware of the situation and they are not happy campers.  With guest star Chris Abraham, one of the most talented actors you are likely to ever meet, as Elder Watcher THX-1138.

Episode 34: "Future Tense - Time Trap (The finale)" By George Jones
     The final chapter of the "Future Tense" story arc plays out with a gleeful abandon as the evil yet grows and the confused and wounded struggle to over come.  The showdown hits with one twist unraveling another until all is made clear in the mud, the blood, and the fireballs.  This is a game changer episode, so tune in!  With guests Chris Abraham, Jeff Cavazos, Jeff D. Hurley, Rachel Rogers, Wayne Carpenter, Chester Roberts, Austin Hill, Alexis Jones, Karena Love, Paul Budd, Douglas Crawford, Bradley Stenberg, and Steve Farmer as himself!

Episode 35: "There Was an Awesome Title Here...But I Forgot"  By                                                                                                    Alan Mendez
     What would have happened to our gang if they had never met?  Where would their lives have taken them?  Would they somehow still find each other?  Find out the answers to these questions and meet the freaky new villain voiced by MK Northum in this awesome episode written by cast member Alan Mendez.  Several old favorite characters make return appearances and the guest voice talents include Paul Budd, Mike Sharbeno, Debra Sharbeno, Jeremy Nagle, Steve Farmer, Richard Westbrook, Bob Durham, Austin Hill, and Jackson Herod.  And it features a killer soundtrack by Illinios based trance fusion band called "CHACHUBA" with a bit thrown in from the amazing Kevin Macleod!  Don't miss the fun in this first half of a two parter!

Episode 36: "There was an Awesome Title Here...But I Forgot - Pt2" by Alan Mendez
     The second half of this two part special, written by cast member Alan Mendez, really gets going with a huge battle in the realm of the watchers and a treacherous trial that could ruin everything for our hapless heroes.  With guests: MK Northum, Paul Budd, Rachel Rogers, Wayne Carpenter, Jackson Herod, Billy Lalumandier, Bradley Stenberg, Chris Abraham. Featuring the first ofour cast interviews beginning with Hollie Harper.

Episode 37:  "Cougar Vs. Wolf" By George Jones
     Jericho's mom, Maxine McAgnes, (played by Lee Shults) is back with a vengeance and when she catches poor Prof. Arkham (played by Jeff D. Hurley) and Perry Buckner off guard...well...anything goes!  It's a comedic misadventure that will leave you in stitches! Featuring the voices and music of Floyd & Sarah Brigdon also known as the astounding renaissance performers: Triskelion! And with special guest Richard York as the shopkeep!

Episode 38:  "The Doctor Will See You Now (Part 1)"  By George                                                                                                Jones & Bob Durham
   Caught in the act of...well...something we assume had to do with world domination that somehow involved a giant inflatable phallic symbol...and now they have been sentenced to visit a psychiatrist to find out why they are bent on such terrible plans!  Something isn't as it seems, however...and this plot is pretty thick!  With the guest voices of Jeff D. Hurley, Jeremy Nagle, and Bob Durham.

Episode 39: "The Doctor Will See You Now (part 2) By George Jones                                                                                                & Bob Durham
     The rest of the gang face the nefarious Dr. Effer as he continues his weird and wild prescriptions to sort out these naughty folks.  But Jericho is on to him and smells a rat!  It's an ending you won't see coming! With guests voices of Lee Shults, Bob Durham, and Steve Farmer as Staaanley the Horse!

Episode 40: "The Astounding Crevice / AKA Jackin' with Jacob
                                                                 (Part1)" - All Improv Show!
     In honor of Labor Day, the cast and crew decided to try something a little different with this episode.  With no idea what in the world we were going to do, we entered the studio and set about brainstorming and doing improvisational sketches...and this is the result!  It's way more funny than it has a right to be when Jacob McFarmington and Lloyd Walton come to town for a stay at Jonah & Tammy's Bed and Breakfast.  A hastily concocted diversionary plan leads to some hijinks that may scar you for life!  And this is only part one!

Episode 41:  "The Astounding Crevice / AKA Jackin' with Jacob

                                                    (Part 2)" 1st ever all improv show!

     The reverse plot that was instigated by Jericho & Jonah against Jacob McFarmington comes to a stunning conclusion that is defintely PG-13 rated in the second half of our first ever all improv show!  It's a laugh riot!

Episode 42 - "Exes and Oh's Pt. 1" - by Eric Nivens 

     When Jonah's ex-wife comes to town hiding a dangerous secret, no one is safe!  How far will she push them before they break?  Whay is she such a big B!?  Listen and find out!  Featuring the guest voice talent of Jaime Nivens.

Episode 43 - "Exes and Oh's Pt. 2" - by Eric NIvens

     Tuesday Rex is wrecking everything!  This self centered little hussy has stolen everybody's powers, and money, and...dignity!  And she has them all right where she wants them...helpless and hopeless!  Only one of the gang has what it takes to beat her.  Can you guess what is about to happen?  Tune in!  Featurig the guest voice talent of Jaime Nivens.

Episode 44 - "The Takeover Pt. 1 - What Lies Beneath" - By George                                                                                                             Jones

     In this first episode of a trilogy, super genius Chance Parker decides to get some relaxation in by digging around in the garden behind Jonah and Tammy's Bed and Breakfast.  What he finds there changes everything.  It's trouble like only our gang of fiends could get into!  Featuring the guest voices of MK Northum, Jeff Hurley, and Richard York.  This episode and the next two lead up to the cast's live appearance at the Tyler Rose City Comic Con on Oct 24th!  

Episode 45: "The Takeover Pt2 -Some Assembly Required" By                                                                                                            George Jones

In the second chapter in the Takeover Trilogy, things get even more hairy as one by one, our friends are being possessed and the ultimate culprit is still at large!  With guests MK Northum, and Richard York!

Episode 46: "The Takeover Pt3 - What Goes up will Bring You Down"                                         by George Jones

The third chapter in the Takeover Trilogy answers a lot of questions and brings things to a thrilling conclusion of sorts when all things end at the Tyler Rose City Comic Con...but beware...some of the characters will be changed for life and some of the future will directly tie into events here as Cora the Witch makes herself known once again! W/Guests Chester Roberts, Alexis Jones, Richard York, MK Northum.

Episode 47: "Neither the Princess or the Bride" By Jeremy Nagle

In the first episode written by cast member Jeremy Nagle, we get a nice flashback to a simpler time before Cora sends the thing in the garden after our guys!  It's funny and witty and moves at a brisk pace!  Jericho's past comes back to haunt him in a humorous way that will leave you in stitches! W/Guests Rachel Rogers, Alexis Jones and Chester Roberts.

Episode 48: "A Season of Change Pt1 - Strangers in a Strange Land" by George Jones

After following the possessed Chance and Brooklyn though the alien space craft portal, our cast of adventurers ended up in Tyler, TX at the Tyler Rose City Comic Con.  Somehow they now have to sort things things out in our world, a place that is strange to them, and find and free their friends before Cora the witch destroys them all. With guests Alexis Jones and Rosa Ramirez.

Episode 49: "A Season of Change Part 2 - Wouldn't Even Hurt a Fly" -                                                                            by George Jones

     Trouble continues to follow the Jericho Gang as they slowly make their way North East in a mad effort to find and stop the evil witch Cora Blackwood.  Little do they know, death and danger can hide anywhere in the season of the witch! With Guests: Carol Leos, Rosa Ramirez, Austin Hill

Episode 50:  "A Season of Change - Part 3 - The Gathering Storm"

                                                                             By George Jones

     Reaching Salem, MA was only the beginning of the end as a storm is brewing that contains a darkness that may end all things as we know them.  Cora Blackwood has called upon her wicked ancestrs, Hawk and Raven Blackwood, as well as Jacob McFarmington and Randy the middle school punk to aide her in her quest to destroy the Jericho gang...and things seem bleak.  With guests: Rosa Ramirez, Austin Hill, Steve Farmer, Kevin Betzer, Selena Roane.


Super Cool Guest Stars Coming to Paranoria!

There's a whole slew of great guests coming to Paranoria, TX in the next few episodes!  Get ready for one of these cool cats from "Storage Wars Texas" to appear first.  Can you gess which one?  Here's a hint...the episode is titled "Thick Rick's Antiques and Virtual Reality Showcase".

And shortly after that, we have a towering trio of killer guests that you may recognize from shows like "Piranaha 3DD", "Return of the Living Dead", "The Feast Trilogy", "The Killers", "The Vriginian TV Series" and more!  

Yep they all appear in the upcoming episode titled: "The Curse of Kar-Thul"!  Don't miss it!  And stay tuned for more of your favorite people as others will drop in soon!

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