Super Cool Guest Stars Coming to Paranoria!

There's a whole slew of great guests coming to Paranoria, TX in the next few episodes!  Get ready for one of these cool cats from "Storage Wars Texas" to appear first.  Can you gess which one?  Here's a hint...the episode is titled "Thick Rick's Antiques and Virtual Reality Showcase".

And shortly after that, we have a towering trio of killer guests that you may recognize from shows like "Piranaha 3DD", "Return of the Living Dead", "The Feast Trilogy", "The Killers", "The Vriginian TV Series" and more!  

Yep they all appear in the upcoming episode titled: "The Curse of Kar-Thul"!  Don't miss it!  And stay tuned for more of your favorite people as others will drop in soon!

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