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Episode 2 is up and ready to go!  Brace yourselves to meet Staaanley the Horse!

"Plausible Deniability" is made up of a group of actors who perform skit comedy, in the vein of Saturday Night Live, with VERY adult themes. (Parental Guidance is strongly suggested.) All situations are improvised from ideas scribbled on scraps of paper that are drawn from a hat literally seconds before recording. Who knows what will come out of their minds? Who knows what will come out of their mouths? Certainly not the actors themselves...and the terrifying thing is all presented for your pleasure with almost no editing! Brace yourself! Poppa Bona, Random Ambition, Drama Mama, Bubba Bear, Landry Bourdeaux and their guests are gonna bring you comedy in the raw like you've never heard it before!

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