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A show about Music... all genres... all styles. Where you might hear a ukelele player one day and a rocking band the next! All fresh, all new, all for you! Come on in and kick your shoes off... and let the music play!




The latest show we welcome This Day Forth and jam out as their music and get to know them better as we'll as the happenings of East Texas music.


In our newest episode I speak with an extremely awesome new friend, Mr. Bob Mauldin! Bob has done it all from being a DJ, a recording artist, starting arecording label, to even being an actor and having his own televisionshow! This man is so easy to talk to and down to Earth that we very easily jump the rails and get off topic. Tune in and listen! Bob even plays a couple of songs right there in the studio for everyone to enjoy!





During tonight's episode of The Back Room we will be speaking with a totally awesome, knock your socks off rock band called Struck By Hammerz! Make sure you tune in so you can hear the music that will really get your blood pumping!!

You're in for a real treat folks! Tonight I speak with an extremely funny man, Mr. Rusty Mitchum. I had the haredest time not busting out laughing while interviewing him. Be warned you may have a hard time breathing after listening to not only his jokes, but also his live hilarious music!

Check out the rockin' oldies sound of Jim and Dee Patton (Bongo and the Point) on episode 6!  These guys are truly the most amazing people you will ever meet!



Episode 7 features the Celtic Band: Triskelion! Beware, friends, these

tunes will take you on an emotional and spiritual journey that will live

on in your memories forever!  Join us and take this beautiful ride! 

With guests Floyd and Sarah Brigdon.

Join us in episode 8 to hear the top ten one hit wonders of all time!  With guest DJ Y from "Young Minds Society"

Episode 9 features the greatest Love Songs of all time in honor of Valentine's Day!  Let's cuddle!

Clover the Girl is FINE and so is her music!

We recently had this amaing duo on our show and the music was incredible!  Who knew there was such amazing talent in Tyler, TX!  Well?  What are you waiting for?  Go listen right now!

clover the girl

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Clicks does it again.

3-14-2016 Saliva Returns to Clicks. Once again Clicks brings in another big name. Stay tuned for more events 

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Music! Music! Music!

Be sure to check out the latest episode of "The Back Room"!  It's super cool when we feature the top ten 'one hit wonders' of all time!  And of course we throw in many more tunes by bands that had that one successful song but were never heard from again!  It's music you know and come on in and tap your feet and sing along!




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  1. jack blake says: How do you submit songs for the show? @12stringjack

    Posted on: 09-03-2016 @ 8:30 pm EST

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