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Welcome to an ongoing radio drama infused with fantasy and science fiction in which a group of individuals with extraordinary abilities travel the pathways of time itself in an effort to repair the broken moments and twisted fragments of timelines that threaten to unravel the entire universe!


Paranoria, TX Time Chronicles

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Paranoria, TX Time Chronicles

We are proud to announce the new spin off show from our hit "Paranoria, TX"!  The new show is titled "Paranoria, TX Time Chronicles" and it is a radio drama infused with fantasy and science fiction in which three individuals with incredible abilities travel through time fixing broken moments and fractured realms in order to save the universe!  If you like Doctor Who, Star Trek, Time Tunnel, Quantum Leap and similar shows, we think you will enjoy this show!  Give it a listen and let us know what you think!  Spread the word!

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Time Chronicles 9 – “Loss” w/guests Hollie Harper, Eric Nivens, Alan Mendez, Jaime Nivens, George Jones, Matt McBride, Shirlee McKay, Carol Leos and Ron Ellis
Time Chronicles 8 - "Grief" W/Guests Eric Nivens, Jaime Nivens, Clayton Friend, Matt McBride, Carol Leos, Mike McCaskill, Shirlee McKay, Ron Ellis
Time Chronicles 7 - "Shifting Perceptions" w/guests Eric Nivens, Hollie Harper, Rosa Ramirez, Shirlee McKay, Jeff Cavazos
Time Chronicles Episode 6 - "Sands in the Hourglass" written by Jason McKay, W/Guests Mike McCaskill, Bob Mauldin, D.D. McCaskill, Jim Collins, Calvin York
Time Chronicles Episode 5 - "Ripples and Angles Pt. 3 - Fractures" W/Guests Carol Leos, Jeff Cavazos, Hollie Harper, Rosa Ramirez
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