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Young Minds Society: A teen show variety

YMS is a fun variety show that features quirky story readings, puns, media reviews, inspirational messages, an open forum discussion, and a question and answer time that tackles some deep subjects on the minds of today's youth.

Episode 1- feat. Wayward Whale (Hannah McClellan), Princess Jaz (Jazmin Toledo), Carl Poppa (Davison Criner), Dr.X & DJ Y (Alexis Jones , and Mad Dog (Kathryn Johnson).

In this episode, we explore Black Friday and the Thanksgiving/Christmas feud, along with reviewing Mocking Jay Part 2, and dealing with 'coming out' to those close to you. This episode is a variety of things holding true to its name. Join us for a scary story, an inspirational journey, and a trip through the 'punny' universe. Tune into the show that has it all!

Episode 2 - feat. Queen Miep (Nicole Grayson), Princess Jaz (Jazmin Toledo), and DJ Y & Dr. X (Alexis Jones)

In this episode, we talk about breaking out of the shell you were given to form your own; saying good by to sterotypes and normality. We share an award winning tale sure to send you shuddering into the night. We ask some pertinent questions reguarding health and relationships with parents. And finally, we close our show with News Years resolutions! Be sure to tune in!

Episode 3 - feat. Queen Miep (Nicole Grayson), Carl Poppa (Davison Criner), Princess Jaz (Jazmin Toledo), and DJ Y & Dr. X (Alexis Jones)

Our Christmas episode includes a discussion of Christmas traditions, a frenzy over the latest nerd updates, a heated new segment, and more! Tune in for a holly, jolly time! Be there or be square! 

Episode 4 - feat. Princess Jaz (Jazmin Toledo), Carl Poppa (Davison Criner), Pretty Varie (Madison Johnson), and DJ Y & Dr. X (Alexis Jones)

Our new years episode includes a hilarious improv session, a brief recount of the stress of going back to school after the holidays, and a discussion about change this time of year. We push the boundaries, make breakthroughs, and make your sides ache with laughter. We also host a contest associated with our Facebook page. Don't miss this eventful episode!

Episode 5 - feat. Princess Jaz (Jazmin Toledo), Queen Miep (Nicole Grayson), and DJ Y & Dr. X (Alexis Jones)

Guest Star Interview with Mike Stewart, roleplaying game designer and published author

We kick it into gear to discuss the challenges of going back to school after winter break and starting the second semester. We read a short peom that will resonate with you. We read a terrifying tale to keep you up at night. We offer you a lot of entertainment with our Sounds from a Hat segment this episode. And to top off our spectacular fifth episode, we get the chance to interview celebrity Mike Stewart, a roleplaying game designer and published author! Tune in for a solid hour of time you won't regret wasting!

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